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Our team

PROCALVIE-CRO specialize in clinical-trials services offering their clients the expertise of moving a new drug or device from its conception to marketing approval, without the sponsor having to maintain a staff for these services, or for specific periods of time to extend their workload by contracting PRO quality PROCALVIE-CRO team for specific projects.

Our team consists of:

  • Project Managers
  • Clinical Research Physicians
  • CRAs
  • Study Nurses
  • Our team has capability to:

    • Manage projects with budgets in clinical trials
    • Has excellent oral and written communication skills to provide clear messages to all levels.
    • Demonstrates ability to effectively establish and maintain working relationships with constituents at all levels of the client’s organization.
    • Demonstrates analysis and problem solving skills using innovative thinking.
    • Has experience with standard project management tools, methodologies and frameworks.
    • Has broad working knowledge and experience with healthcare applications and technology.
    • Has experience in managing large-scale projects.
    • Has experience in working with and negotiating with external vendors.
    • Has links with up to 150 investigators in up to 15 sites in different areas of expertise.

      PROCALVIE-CRO provides quality life clinical trials and quality services for their clients